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Free-Seminar-AppleR. Richard Rasmussen, MD FACS

Medical Director, Utah Weight Loss

My Infatuation with Weight Loss

My professional and personal journey in weight loss has brought me where I never would have guessed.

rasmussenProfessionally I am a general surgeon.  That means I perform lots of different surgery but mostly in the abdominal cavity.  My passion is laparoscopic surgery – I love doing big operations through little incisions.  We are always trying to do more and more through smaller and fewer incisions.  Currently most weight loss surgery is done laparoscopically.

There was a point in my career when I said I would never do weight-loss surgery.  It is much more difficult to operate on someone who is morbidly obese than someone who is not and they are more likely to have complications.

But then we had a partner join us that did weight-loss surgery and I agreed to help as an assistant because I love doing laparoscopic surgery.  As it goes, one thing led to another and I went through some additional training and began doing the operations as the surgeon and not just the assistant.  Now I can honestly say I love doing these operations both for the technical challenge and for the results.  I love having patients come in the office and tell me how their lives have changed for the better.

As I started operating for the disease of obesity, I became frustrated that there were patients that I couldn’t help with surgery (for a variety of reasons) but they still needed serious weight loss.  As I searched for an answer, I came across the HMR Program.  We investigated them for a year and then opened a clinic using their methods.  They have more published data than anyone and better results.  It has been very fulfilling seeing patients use these tools to lose weight and keep it off.

My personal journey started several years ago when I stood on the scale and it said 206 lbs.  I had never been over 200 lbs and I didn’t want to stay there.  My wife and I read The South Beach Diet and adopted its principles.  As I recall, I got my weight down around 176 for a short period and then settled out about 185.  Over the next couple of years, I crept back up to 196.  It was about this time we were seriously considering the HMR Program.  As we started the program, I began adopting the principles we are teaching.  I even did the Decision Free diet for a short period.  That may not seem like much but I lost the last 12 lbs doing this.  I now fluctuate between 165-168 (it is normal to fluctuate) but by applying correct principles (like eating lots of vegetables and fruits) I am keeping the weight off and don’t feel like I am dieting or deprived.  I just figured I could better counsel patients if I had been through similar experiences.

So let us help you lose weight and be healthier.  We love seeing you be successful and we will offer you the help and support you need to achieve that.  Whether you choose a medical or a surgical approach or you’re not decided yet, let us help you through this fantastic, life-changing journey.


Cindy Evans, AFNP FNP-c

Nurse Practitioner

I have been working in general surgery, as a nurse practitioner, for the past 5 years, and have been along for the weight loss ride with Dr. Rasmussen. It started with the addition of a surgical weight loss program, with which I have had the role of assisting in surgery and with patient care and education. At first not something I was really interested in (but where my job had led), but seeing the life changing effects in our patients it became very rewarding. More fully realizing these positive changes in our surgical patients, we realized the need to help those who didn’t qualify for surgical weight loss or did not want or need surgery. I was given the task of developing a medical weight loss option. This proved to be a big challenge with the limited resources that we had available at the time. When the HMR Program was introduced to us, it was just the answer we were looking for. As a young girl I was chubby. I remember being teased in elementary school. At this young age I decided I wanted to be active, to exercise, and eat healthy. I became active in sports and in outdoor activities- pastimes that I continue to enjoy today. The seed of interest in good nutrition and healthy living was planted, and has continued to grow and be nourished by the opportunities that have come my way. We embrace the principles of good eating habits and an active, healthy lifestyle in our program. It is our goal to teach our patients these skills so they too can enjoy the benefits. Come join us, we are in this journey together!


Laura Bradshaw, LPN

Six years ago I began my own journey to weight loss. Over the course of several months I lost 30 pounds through a change in my diet and exercising more. These changes, which included upping my vegetable and fruit intake, have helped me become healthier and have more energy to meet the demands of my daily life. I have maintained my weight loss and know it is because I changed my lifestyle. That is why I believe in HMR. The HMR program provides the necessary tools to make lifestyle changes that take the guesswork out of dieting and that last a life time. I love seeing the progress of our patients and the improvements in their health that inevitably come because of their weight loss.

Andrew Zajac

Andrew is our Operations Specialist.

Sandra Nessler

Sandra takes care of most of our nursing duties.

Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.
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