Accountability: A Key to Success


Let’s talk about one key to success that will help make your dreams become a reality. It is accountability. Accountability is a game-changer on your path to health. 

Accountability is a powerful tool for you as you lose weight. It will help you get the results you desire. We are going to outline three ways you can utilize accountability as you seek better health. 

Accountable to Yourself

  • Write down your goal and make sure to keep it somewhere you will see it often!

Share Your Goals

  • Reach out to family members or friends and commit to them. Use social media if you prefer to get the word out. It helps if someone else knows what you are working on because they can check in on your progress. There might be moments when you can convince our self that “this instance” is an exception and we let go of part of our goal in that moment. If other people know what we are working on they can help us find ways to still make it work rather than find what makes it hard.

Find a Buddy

  • It can also help to find someone that has a similar goal and to join with them to go to the gym or meal plan together. It could even be as simple as checking in on each other and encouraging each other to keep moving forward. Organize activities together that support your goals.
Utah Weight Loss Helps You Build Your Accountability
One of the main benefits of Utah Weight Loss is the accountability that you get as you work on your health and weight loss goals. You meet with your class and health coach every week to review how you did that week. You track what you are eating and what physical activity you are doing in the app so you are accountable to yourself and your coach. You step on the scale every week no matter what.
Accountability can help you keep going when it can be easy to give in. Losing weight is tough, but together we are tougher!

Track Your Progress Every Day
The latest version of the HMR App is a companion to all HMR Plans and offers a complement of new features to support you with your weight and health management goals. Whether you are working with a coach or on your own, the new app extends the support of our coaches right into the palm of your hand.