What are the program options?

HMR has three diet options, two in the clinic and one at home.

1. Decision-Free® diet (clinic)

    • Eat only HMR foods such as shakes, entrees, bars, cereal and soup
    • You eat 3 HMR shakes and 2 entrees or 5 shakes daily, plus any other food in your diet box like HMR bars, cereals or soup
    • Buy your food each week at class at the Utah Weight Loss clinic
    • Weekly support group meetings where you learn new lifestyle behaviors and share strategies with fellow patients
    • You meet with the doctor on a schedule determined by your health status or additional health complications (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.)
    • The average weight loss on this diet is 57 pounds in 24 weeks. Many people lose much more!

2. Healthy Solutions® diet (clinic)

    • You eat 3 HMR shakes and 2 entrees plus 5 cups of fruits and vegetables daily
    • Buy your food each week at class at the Utah Weight Loss clinic
    •  Weekly support group meetings with the Decision-Free® dieters and participation in other activities which promote health and weight management
    • You do not have the frequent doctor visits on this diet because it is not as calorie restricted
    • The average weight loss on this diet is 38 pounds in 18 weeks. Many people lose much more!

3. The HMR At Home® diet (home)

    • You follow the Healthy Solutions® diet but don’t come into the clinic
    • You eat 3 HMR shakes and 2 entrees plus 5 cups of fruits and vegetables daily
    • No weekly support group meetings in the clinic
    • You can have the food shipped to your door every two weeks; this includes free shipping and a 10% discount
    • The average weight loss on this diet is 15-20 pounds in the first 12 weeks
    • Phone support can be added for additional weight loss


Why is medical supervision needed while on the diet?

Dieters on low and very low-calorie HMR diets (500–800 calories per day) and those with certain medical conditions should receive medical supervision. There are a variety of issues that can arise that are monitored to keep you safe and healthy while losing significant amounts of weight. Medical supervision will be determined at your initial nurse and doctor visits.


How do I get started?

The first step to joining the program is signing up for an orientation, which you can do by registering for our free seminar or calling us at 801-852-3467.


Why do you use meal replacements?

The research is very clear: diets that include packaged, portion-controlled meal replacements—the foundation of HMR diets—are far more effective. In fact, a summary of over 60 studies and references shows that people lose and keep off approximately three times more weight on diets that use meal replacements when compared to other diets.


How is your program different than others?

The HMR Program does not involve fads, gimmicks, or theories about what “might” work. We focus on research-tested strategies and our programs are staffed by trained healthcare professionals. Unlike other companies whose biggest expense is often marketing, HMR invests most of its dollars in developing high-quality programs so that participants can do better. Nearly 80% of people in HMR programs have been referred by dieters who have been through our programs or by medical professionals who trust the quality of our work.  Click here to learn more


Do you guarantee weight loss with your program?

While we can’t guarantee weight loss because we can’t force compliance, any of our patients will tell you that if you are 100% “in-the-box” while doing the program, it will work. Patients who do the program the way it is supposed to be done are very successful.


What about long term, will I gain the weight back that I lost?

HMR is a pioneer in long-term weight maintenance. HMR’s approach to weight maintenance produces unparalleled results. In fact one study with a follow up of 2.8 years found that 74% of patients were keeping off an average of 21% of their initial body weight. HMR’s maintenance participants are among the most successful anywhere. Why? Because they begin learning long-term weight control skills on their first day in the program. In fact, HMR has an unusually high percentage of weight-loss participants who continue in the weight-maintenance program because they find it is extremely useful in surmounting day-to-day weight challenges.


Does insurance cover the program?

We do not bill insurance companies for the HMR program but you may be eligible for reimbursement of some of the costs. (We can show you how to do this.) Most insurance companies will cover treatment of the effects of obesity but will not cover the treatment of obesity itself even though it helps you be healthier. If you are so inclined, we encourage you to be vocal to employers, insurance companies and legislators about the need for coverage of obesity treatment.


Does exercise play a role in your program?

In our program we have three success variables that patients are expected to practice, exercise is one of those three. Exercise is a predictor of long-term weight management. In class you will be given assignments to increase the level of activity that you do. The ultimate goal is to expend 2,000 calories through physical activity each week and to have reached that weekly expenditure by week 6 of the program. Your health coach will help you do this.


What is the cost of the program?

Please click on the pricing tab to learn more about cost.


What if I have a lot of weight to lose?

A study of 118* participants who lost over 100 pounds found that the average weight loss was 134 pounds in 44 weeks. Medication doses were reduced in all patients who entered the program on medications. Medications were discontinued in 66% of all patients, including 100% of those with dyslipidemina, 67% with hypertension, and 73% with diabetes. (*Anderson JW, Conley SB, Nicholas AS. Am J Clin Nutr 2007;86:301-307.)

Always consult your physician before beginning any diet or exercise program.
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